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We are now licensed to sell ammo. We are always adding to our stock of ammo & are ready to serve your needs for the upcoming hunting season!

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How To Stop Or Minimize Excessive Shedding

One of the greatest hardships as a pet owner is dealing with unwanted hair in your home. Nearly every dog or cat no matter what their age sheds. Some breeds shed more than others, but all pets will do it.

Why A Rabbit Is The Perfect Pet For The Family!

I remember growing up as a child I always wanted a pet rabbit. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t. Rabbits were soft, easy to care for, and each one kind of reminded you of Bugs Bunny from the cartoon which of course, was a big plus.

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Husqvarna SmartSwitch Tractor

Learn about Husqvarna's new Smart Switch, a one-touch keyless operating system that does much more than just turn your tractor or zero-turn mower on and off. Personal code entry will keep your product safe from unwanted operators. Intuitive controls allow for one-touch headlight, real-time feedback and the battery gauge lets the operator know if voltage is within normal operating levels.